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C2E2 2018 Rick & Morty Presents The Vindicators Guardians of the Galaxy #19 Comic C2E2 Variant IDW Revolution #1 NYCC Sketch Variant
IDW Revolution #1 NYCC/Indonesia Comic Con Variant Magic Order #1 C2E2 Exclusive Variant Marvel: Infinity Countdown C2E2 Variant
Marvel: The Punisher #1 Oz Comic Con Variant Marvel: Tsum Tsum #1 STGCC Variant Comic Marvel: POWER MAN & IRON FIST #1 C2E2/ECCC VARIANT
Star Wars: Han Solo # 1 Star Wars Celebration Variant Comic Star Wars: Poe Dameron # 1 ECCC Variant Comic Star Wars: Vader Down # 1 Vienna Comic Con Variant – Black & White
Star Wars: VADER DOWN # 1 Vienna Comic Con Variant STGCC and OZ Comic Con Variant Cover Cassian & K2SO Comic Book The Complete Tales From The Con
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